About Our Bike - Something To Do in Springfield MO
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Our Bike

With our state-of-the-art electric assist, The Trolley Bike makes sure that all of the pedaling on your tour is enjoyable. The Trolley Bike sets the stage for great conversation and is something to do with your friends that’s out of the ordinary.

There are a total of 12 cushioned, fully adjustable bicycle seats with seatbacks that line each side of The Trolley Bike. Ten people pedal and the two over the back wheels are “coasters”. The back bench seat is also padded with room for two additional “coasters”.

Our Conductor steers the bike and leads your tour. Our premium sound system will have you singing and dancing in no time as we cruise through Downtown Springfield. Prepare yourself for lots of high-fives and envious on-lookers!

The Trolley Bike combines the top safety features, modern amusements, and fun for all. Equipped with a sleek design, comfortable seats and shade, and LED lights, this party on wheels offers a fun and unique experience for every type of group. The center of attention wherever we go, The Trolley Bike not only offers safety and fun, it offers great exposure for your group.

Come experience why we’re the best way to see and be seen around town. Tours sell out quickly, so book in advance—and prepare for a ride you’ll never forget.

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