The Trolley Bike - Bachelor Party Ideas Springfield MO
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Bachelor Parties

Don’t get us wrong. We still love Bachelor Parties. But after a few of your buddies get married, they all start to feel the same. Searching for new bachelor party ideas in Springfield MO? Check out The Trolley Bike. You’ve never been to a bachelor party like this before.

If you are looking to celebrate tying the knot in a fun and unexpected way, or you’re the best man in charge of planning a unique bachelor party for someone else, then book a customized party with The Trolley Bike.

Even better than renting a limo, you and your guests will feel like celebrities, as your private bike bar travels between your favorite bars and downtown hot spots.

The only thing we caution up front about our bachelor parties on The Trolley Bike is that everyone needs to behave themselves. Guys being guys, there’s always that one buddy who tries to turn every bachelor party into The Hangover. All eyes will be on us as we roll around Downtown, so we’ll be keeping your party under control. You can still have fun and be the center of attention, but not at the expense of everyone else.

Get your bachelor party started off on the right foot on The Trolley Bike and then you can go make bad decisions somewhere else.

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