Cancellation Policy - Party Planning Springfield MO
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Cancellation Policy


We understand that plans sometimes have to change. The sooner you let us know about it, the more accommodating we will be.

There’s two reasons we have to be sticklers about this. The main one is that once your tour has been reserved, we can’t sell it to someone else. So if you book a tour well in advance and then change your mind at the last minute, it’s unlikely that someone else will reserve it instead.

The other reason we ask for as much advance notice as possible is to be respectful of our Conductors’ schedules. Once they’ve made plans to be available for your tour, if you cancel, then they don’t get paid.

We’re more flexible with rescheduling than we are with cancelling. So if you’re in charge of party planning in Springfield MO and need to change your plans without much notice, then understand that we’ll be more receptive to giving you a raincheck rather than a refund.

If you need to cancel your tour with one month or more advance notice, then you have two options. You can receive a full refund less 8% to cover our processing fees or you can have a raincheck to schedule a similar priced tour within the next six months.

If you decide to cancel your tour with less than a month’s notice, you still have two options, but they aren’t as accommodating. If we can book your tour with someone else, then we’ll still give you a full refund less our 8% processing fee. So the earlier you let us know, the better. If we don’t rebook your tour with someone else, then we will issue you a raincheck to schedule a similar priced tour that’s good for three months.

Any no shows or last minute cancellations are out of luck. No refunds and no rainchecks.

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