The Trolley Bike - Family Reunion Ideas Springfield MO
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Family Reunions

Got company coming in from out of town and exploring family reunion ideas in Springfield MO? Wondering what to do with a group of relatives you don’t get to see very often so everyone has a great time? The Trolley Bike is a fun and unique way for your family to spend time together.

The best way to play tour guide and show your guests around town is on The Trolley Bike. Together you will pedal your way through Downtown, showing everyone the history of our great city. You will experience Downtown’s signature sights and sounds, and make stops at several local hot spots along the way.

Our electric assist motor makes pedaling a breeze and if anyone doesn’t want to pedal, they can sit on our bench seat in the back and enjoy the ride.

You’ve heard your uncle’s stories a million times, but they’ll actually make you laugh again when you’re out enjoying a tour and a frosty cold one on The Trolley Bike.

Don’t sit around the house making small talk and eating another awkward family dinner. Plan something fun and memorable and take everyone out on the town on The Trolley Bike. Your tour should generate plenty of new stories for everyone to tell at the next family reunion.

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