FAQs - Events This Weekend in Springfield MO
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Trolley Bike?

The Trolley Bike is an open air “party bus” 14-passenger quadricycle. Our trolley bike has six seats lining both sides and a back bench for riders to sit on. Only instead of just sitting there, these bike seats have pedals at your feet. Riders work together to casually pedal The Trolley Bike around a designated route and stop whenever a thirst needs quenching.

Do We Have To Book Our Tour in Advance?

Yes. Advanced purchase is required. Tickets can be purchased online HERE or by phone (417) 200-4415 with a Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover. We advise booking well in advance as we tend to sell out, so if you’re searching for fun events this weekend in Springfield MO, don’t wait until the last minute to book your tour or you might be out of luck. Note that one “Booking Rider” is responsible for paying for your entire group.

Note that all bookings are not considered final until you have been contacted by The Trolley Bike to confirm your reservation. We only schedule our conductors for our tours that have been reserved ahead of time. Even if you book and pay for a tour on short notice, until we’ve lined up your conductor and confirmed that everything is a go, you don’t officially have a reservation.

Bottom Line: Plan ahead and reserve your tour early. It makes it easier on everyone for planning purposes and you have a much better chance of getting the date and time you want.

What are the biggest and smallest groups that can book a tour?

The most riders we are allowed to have on board is 14. If your group is larger than that, we can break you into groups, but this isn’t ideal. A lot of time will be spent waiting around while the other group is riding, loading and unloading each group, signing waivers and going over the rules with each group and making our way out and back. You’re better off booking back to back tours and splitting up your group that way than trying to cram more than one group into a single tour.

On the other end of the spectrum, we don’t recommend having less than eight riders in your group for a tour either. This is big bike and it has to be pedaled. Even with our electric assist motor, having less than 8 people pedaling really slows things down.

Bottom Line: 10 to 14 people is the ideal size for a group on a tour. That puts someone at each of the seats that can be pedaled and it will make things a breeze for everyone.

What's The Difference Between A Public Tour and a Private Tour?

On a Private Tour, the Booking Rider is reserving the entire bike and they can privately invite their own guests to join them on their tour. When a Private Tour is booked, your reservation is automatically officially confirmed.

A Public Tour is booked by the seat rather than reserving the entire bike. Note that at least 8 seats must be booked for a Public Tour to go out and it is not considered official until it is confirmed by us directly. We will let you know 24 hours before your scheduled tour time if our minimum has been met. If not, we will give you the option to move to another tour slot or refund your booking. We have Public Tours Available in our early tour slots on Thursday through Sunday.

Where Do The Tours Start and End?

University Plaza Hotel is the Home of The Trolley Bike. All of our tours start and end in front of University Plaza which is located at 333 S John Q Hammons Parkway in Downtown Springfield.

We recommend making a night of it and booking a room at University Plaza after your tour. They offer special room rates for Trolley Bike groups.

How Early Should We Arrive?

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time. There are IDs to check, verify that our digital waivers have been signed by everyone in your group and rules that we’ll need to go over before your tour can begin. If you get a late start, your tour will not be extended.

Do We Really Have To Pedal?

Yes. Remember that The Trolley Bike is still a bike and even with our electric assist motor, 80% of the power is provided by you, so you’ll want to wear appropriate footwear. We’d advise against high heels or flip flops. We also wouldn’t recommend wearing short skirts or dresses. It can get a little windy on the bike.

How Long Is The Tour?

2 hours start to finish. So show up a little early, have those IDs and waivers ready and be prepared to take off on time.

Where Will Our Tour Go?

We don’t have to follow an exact route, but we’ll generally want to stick to the streets that we know from experience have the most popular stops and the least amount of hills and traffic. Stops always take longer than expected by the time everyone unloads, orders, pays, gets served and finishes their drinks. Remember that no open containers can be taken off of The Trolley Bike or onto The Trolley Bike.

Two hours goes by much faster than you think. Especially if we make a few stops. The Conductor will coordinate what stops to make with the Booking Rider.

Can We Drink Alcohol on The Trolley Bike?

Yes. Remember to pack your own coolers and have your drinks iced down. It’s B.Y.O.B. No glass or kegs are allowed, but feel free to bring beer, wine, malt beverages, spiked seltzer or non-alcoholic beverages as long as it is NOT IN GLASS (this is extremely important)! City regulations do not allow glass on the bike at any time, so if you bring it be prepared to leave it behind.

You can also order drinks from University Plaza and they’ll even let you borrow one of their coolers. Just let us know ahead of time if you’ll need it.

Note that if ANYONE is drinking alcohol during your tour, then EVERYONE must be 21 years or older and we WILL check IDs. No excuses.

Do You Supply Food or Beverages?

No. Riders may bring on any permissible food or beverages they wish. All we are providing is The Trolley Bike and your Conductor. You are responsible for bringing your own food, drinks, cups, coolers, ice, etc. There are cup holders for your drinks, but for your snacks, imagine you’re packing for a windy picnic.

But the good news is that if you forget to bring something or you don’t want to lift a finger, then University Plaza can supply beverages to take with you. If you buy your drinks from them, they’ll even ice it down for you and let you borrow one of their coolers. They’re awesome like that.

What's Your Weather Policy?

What's Your Cancellation Policy?

What Are Your Extra Precautions For Covid-19?

Are There Age, Height and Weight Restrictions?

For insurance reasons all riders must be at least 18 years old. Youth 16-17 years old may ride if their parent/guardian accompanies them on the tour and signs their waiver. Note that if ANYONE is drinking alcohol during your tour, then EVERYONE must be 21 years or older and we WILL check IDs. No excuses. Our bicycle seats have a weight limit of 300 lbs and are adjustable. If you are under 5’0″ you may have trouble reaching the pedals, but our back bench is perfect for guests who do not meet the height or weight requirements for the pedal seats.

Who's In Charge During Our Tour?

First and foremost is your Conductor. If you act in a dangerous manner, you’ll be asked to get off and find your own way home without any refunds. You can imagine the difficulty we had getting this approved by the City and finding insurance. It’s mandatory that we keep them both happy.

Second in command is the Booking Rider. The person who reserved and paid for the tour is also the person whose credit card we have on file and they are the only person our Conductor answers to. The Booking Rider is also responsible for any late fees if your tour runs long or any damage to the bike, so they get to call the shots. Can you imagine 14 people arguing about which stops to make? We don’t want our Conductors getting in the middle of that.

Do I Have To Wear A Helmet?

Not if it messes up your hair, brain, or feng shui. BUT you will need to sign a waiver indicating that your appearance is more important than your skull.

What if I don’t want to pedal or physically can’t pedal?

If you don’t want to pedal, here’s a quick reminder: It’s The Trolley BIKE. Pedaling is not only what you’re signing up for – it’s part of the fun.

That being said, If your group is at full capacity (14 people), there will be 4 “coaster” seats that don’t pedal (2 over the back wheels and 2 people on the back bench). If your tour has 10 or less people on it, you’ll want everyone on a pedal seat.

If you feel like you CAN’T pedal due to a medical condition, then you’ll want to coordinate that with your Booking Rider and the rest of your group ahead of time to make sure that won’t cause any issues for your tour.

Can We Decorate?

Absolutely! Decorations are welcome, but keep a few things in mind:

All decorations must be socially appropriate. The Trolley Bike is out on public streets and WILL attract attention.

Keep in mind that your tour consists of 2 hours TOTAL. That means any decorating is going to chip away at your riding time, so we suggest decorations be easy and fast to mount/take down. The Trolley Bike needs to look the same at the end of your tour as it did before you started.

We’ve had a few tours bring decorations that looked great before their tour started, but were a nuisance once they started moving. You’ll want to avoid decorations that hang down from the roof and batter the riders once we’re in motion.

If you’re planning a special occasion and have something creative/extravagant in mind, please call us ahead of time at (417) 200-4415 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How Fast Will We Go?

The Trolley Bike cruises at a safe and slow speed of 5 MPH to keep our insurance underwriters happy. So we won’t stray too far from where we start to make sure we’re back on time at the end of your tour.

Is The Trolley Bike Insured?

The Trolley Bike is fully insured and each rider must sign our Digital Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk form before their tour begins. You can thank our attorney for that.

Are We Supposed To Tip Our Conductor?

Let’s put it this way: Would you want to be tipped for putting up with you and your friends after a 2-hour tour? That’s what we thought. Be generous. A 20% tip for your Conductor is appreciated and customary.

On a serious note, gratuities are not mandatory and they are NOT included as part of your tour. Your Conductor’s job is keeping you safe and making sure your group has a great experience. If you had a blast, please tell them with cash!

Remember to plan ahead and have plenty of cash on hand during your tour. It will make things easier when ordering growlers from Lost Signal, when you make stops during your tour and for tipping out your Conductor at the end of your tour.

Can We Drive The Bike For A Little Bit?

Our experienced chauffeur-licensed Conductor is in control of the bike and making sure your group stays safe, has fun (but not too much fun), are courteous to others and follows The Rules during your tour.

And no, you can’t drive. Our insurance company said so.

Is The Trolley Bike Safe?

Anything fun comes with some inherent risk (thus the waiver), but these bikes have been operating safely for over 10 years.

Our Trolley Bike is equipped with seatbacks, rack & pinion steering, standard automotive drum rear brakes, hydraulic front brakes, an automotive emergency brake, LED headlights, LED brake lights, LED turn signals, LED running lights, emergency flashers, a car horn, independent front suspension, a rear view mirror for the Conductor, powder coated grab rails for each pedaler to hang onto while pedaling along with cup holders for their drinks to reduce spills, standard automotive tires and fenders and diamond plate flooring.

The most dangerous thing you can do is attempt to get off the bike while it is moving. We have found the perfect solution to that… DON’T GET OFF WHILE THE BIKE IS MOVING!

Review Our Policies For More Information