Meet The Trolley Bike Team

Our Trolley Bike Conductors wear many different hats: Party Planner, Tour Guide and Captain of the Bike.

Here’s everything you need to know about your Trolley Bike Team.


BIO: Wrote flight software for the F/A-18 fighter jet in St Louis. Co-founder of the original Bambinos Cafe in Columbia MO. Former City Council Member in Columbia MO.

FUN FACTS: Knows how to juggle. Can recite the Budweiser label from memory in under 5 seconds and will gladly demonstrate if anyone brings a can of Budweiser on The Trolley Bike.


DAY JOB: Director of Communications for PFI Western Wear and Owner of CALLA Media.

BIO: Born and raised in Republic MO. Mizzou grad. Worked for Hyatt Hotels for six years before joining the family business at PFI.

FUN FACTS: Cortney & Brian’s first date was at Downtown Rotary and Brian later proposed to Cortney in front of the entire Rotary Club when introducing her as a new member. Larry Black of Larry’s Country Diner married Cortney and Brian.


DAY JOB: Co-Owner of MotoMe – a resource company for Personal Development.

BIO: US Marine Corps Veteran. Former Over the Road Truck Driver. Vetrepreneur and Co-Owner of MotoMe. Born Leader.

FUN FACTS: Lanora is an Army Brat who lived 6 of her teenage years in Germany. Huge Animal Lover. Favorite movie is The Sound of Music. She is always hungry and can recite the Preamble to the United States Constitution from memory.


DAY JOB: Co-Owner of MotoMe – a resource company for Personal Development.

BIO: US Marine Corps Veteran. Former Long Haul Truck Driver. Vetrepreneur and founder of MotoMe. Forever Learner.

FUN FACTS: Gates loves to make people laugh. She was born in New Mexico and raised in the beautiful Southwest. She reads at least one book a day and can teach you how to do it too.


DAY JOB: Service Supervisor at Springfield Freightliner.

BIO: Born and raised in Springfield MO. Lived in Dallas TX for 20 years. Moved back to Springfield in 2013 and is married to Holly Perry.

FUN FACTS: Mike has a real taste for adventure. He likes to skydive and he’s even fought in a couple of Toughman boxing competitions. When he’s not jumping out of airplanes or fighting people he’s just met, he likes to go fly fishing and take Holly out on their boat on Table Rock Lake.


DAY JOB: Account Executive at Carroll Business Systems.

BIO: Grew up in Branson and worked in the restaurant business through high school and college. Graduated from MSU with a degree in Hospitality Management. Met his wife Jennifer at MSU in the Hospitality Program. They have 2 kids, Carter and Kinsey, and live in Ozark.

FUN FACTS: Corey loves to be outdoors. Whether it’s a weekend at the Lake, kayaking on the river, playing golf, riding a mountain bike, skiing in Colorado or conducting tours on The Trolley Bike, he always tries to enjoy the outdoors.


DAY JOB: Firefighter at Battlefield Fire Protection District.

BIO: Grew up in Jefferson City. Has a wife (Casie), daughter (Charlee), and a goldendoodle (Cooper). When he’s not working, he loves gardening, home brewing, fishing, football, and outdoor adventures.

FUN FACTS: Devan’s dog Cooper has more followers on Instagram than he does. You can follow Cooper too at @coop_da_dood. Devan has never flown in an airplane before. His nickname is Butters. Ask him to explain why.

Want to join our team? Send an email to [email protected] and tell us all about yourself.