Non Profit Fundraising Ideas Springfield Missouri - The Trolley Bike
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Non Profit Fundraising

There’s only so many golf tournaments and 5Ks that a non profit can host before they start running into donor fatigue. The solution? Try some new fundraising ideas in Springfield Missouri this year to generate some excitement and bring The Trolley Bike out to your next event.

We’ve taken The Trolley Bike out to a few different charity events with great success. The non profit gets one of their sponsors to pay for having The Trolley Bike at their event. In exchange for underwriting The Trolley Bike for their event, the sponsor gets to put their signage on the front and back of our bike.

Then the charity can charge the guests at their event to take short rides on The Trolley Bike in exchange for a small donation. So the sponsor gets exposure, the charity has a successful fundraiser and their supporters get to do something unique and different while supporting their favorite charity. Everybody wins.

Think The Trolley Bike could be a hit at your next charity event? Send an email to [email protected] and tell us what you have in mind. You can also contact us about becoming one of our Pedal For A Purpose partners.

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