Our Sound System - Party Planning Springfield MO
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Our Sound System

Every epic tour needs a great soundtrack. Our bluetooth sound system has all the tunes you need to get the party started. It’s loud enough to get noticed and have you singing along and start dancing in your seat, but we won’t blow you away so you can still talk with your friends.

There are two types of groups who rent The Trolley Bike. Those who just want to show up and have a great time and want us to take care of everything for them (including their music) and those who like to be more involved.

For the laid back groups, we’ve got you covered. Your Conductor will ask The Booking Rider a few questions about musical tastes for your group and either select a specific playlist or if there’s a wide range of musical tastes on board, then we’ll just shuffle through our entire music library.

For the groups that like to be more involved in their party planning, you have two choices. You can select from our playlists below or you can even put together your own playlist.

We use Spotify Premium for all the music we play on The Trolley Bike, so there are never any commercials and we can skip any songs you don’t like. Note that we can only play the clean versions of songs since all eyes and ears will be on us during our tours. Sometimes those are easy to find and sometimes you have to dig around a little bit. Click here to learn more on how to find the clean version of most songs on Spotify.

Click here to learn how to share your playlist with us. Our username on Spotify is TheTrolleyBike.

Our Music Library