The Rules - Sightseeing Springfield MO
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The Rules

We’ll be the first to admit it. We’ve got a lot of rules that must be followed during your tour.

Why so many? First and foremost, we want our guests to be safe. Sometimes when people have been drinking, they don’t always make the best decisions. So our Conductor’s top priority is making sure everyone stays safe during their sightseeing tour. Their second priority is making sure everyone has a great time.

As you can probably imagine, we had to jump through a lot of hoops to get our business approved by the City. So it is important that all riders on The Trolley Bike behave themselves and be respectful to others.

It’s no picnic finding insurance for this type of business either. So the majority of these rules are in place to keep our customers safe, stay on the City’s good side and make our insurance underwriters happy.


  • All participants must provide a valid photo ID and sign our liability waiver or they will not be able to ride on a tour. Click here to download and print off your waiver ahead of time.

  • All riders must be at least 18 years old. Youth 16-18 years old may ride if their parent/guardian accompanies them on the tour and signs their waiver.

  • If ANYONE is drinking alcohol on the bike during your tour, then EVERYONE must be 21 years or older and we WILL check IDs. No excuses.

  • The Trolley Bike is B.Y.O.B. No glass allowed. You must supply your own coolers and ice.

  • Beer and wine only. No hard liquor. Shots and mixed drinks are not permitted. Malt liquor beverages such as Bud Light Margarita or Mike’s Hard Lemonade are ok.

  • Helmets are not required, but are available upon request. Please let your Conductor know if you’d like to wear one.

  • Your Conductor is in charge of the tour. The Booking Rider is second in command. Listen to them both.

  • No leaving the tour or jumping off while the bike is in motion. Planned and announced stops only.

  • Respect our streets and our town. No littering, excess noise or foul language.

  • We will quickly identify any excessive alcohol consumption, and that will result in automatic loss of tour with no refund.

  • Your Conductor is not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.

  • No abuse of the bike. The Booking Rider will be billed for any damages.

  • The Trolley Bike is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items left on the bike. If it’s valuable, take it with you.

  • All rules of the road apply to The Trolley Bike while in motion. Your Conductor will help everyone stick to them. NO FIRE DRILLS.

  • Please have a designated driver for the ride home after any consumption of alcohol. Don’t drink and drive.

Failure to follow any of The Rules will result in the termination of your tour without refund. Please be respectful of our fun and unique business. Thanks for your cooperation.

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