Weather Policy - Things To Do Tonight in Springfield MO
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Weather Policy


A little bit of rain never hurt anybody and The Trolley Bike does have a roof. So it’s our policy to ride rain or shine.

Having said that, we’ll never expect your group to ride in dangerous conditions. So if the rain is coming down in buckets, if there’s a thunderstorm with lots of lightning or if it’s really windy (over 30 MPH) then we will notify The Booking Rider¬†that your tour has been postponed and we will issue you a raincheck.

It’s actually a lot of fun to ride in a light or intermittent rain. We even have free rain ponchos available on the bike if you need them. And if you haven’t heard from us and want to check and make sure your tour is still on, feel free to give us a call and confirm that the weather isn’t bad enough for us to reschedule your tour.

We’ll often wait until fairly close before the starting time of your tour to make that decision as our Missouri weather can be very unpredictable and make it challenging when you’re planning things to do tonight in Springfield MO. The storms that are forecast don’t always materialize.

But don’t worry. We won’t be unreasonable about the weather. If it’s freezing cold, sweltering hot, crazy windy or raining cats and dogs, then we won’t want to be out there either. But please remember that The Booking Rider¬†will be notified of any postponement due to weather. Do not assume your tour has been rescheduled unless you are notified by us.

If your tour does get postponed due to severe weather, then we will issue The Booking Rider a raincheck and we will work with you on rescheduling for a future date.

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