Wedding Parties - Planning A Wedding Springfield MO
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Wedding Parties

Planning a wedding in Springfield MO and want to come up with a fun activity for the bridal party in between the ceremony and the reception? Book a tour on The Trolley Bike.

Just imagine all the great wedding photos with Downtown Springfield as your backdrop and your whole wedding party in tuxedos and fancy dresses on The Trolley Bike. Don’t worry. We roll nice and slow on our tours, so you’ll still look fabulous at the reception. Even better with a giant smile on your face.

Whether you’re taking the wedding party out for a ride after your rehearsal dinner or have some time to kill after the ceremony and before the reception starts, a tour on The Trolley Bike will make your special day even more memorable. Planning for a wedding can be stressful. Take some time to let loose and celebrate your new life together.

Show your out of town guests all the amazing sights and sounds of Downtown Springfield. This group bicycle tour is ideal for tourists who want to explore the city like a local. You know your Grandma is a hoot once she lets her hair down. You can even put her on the back bench so she won’t have to pedal.

You spent a fortune on that wedding dress and this is a great way to show it off. You’ll feel like a celebrity surrounded by the paparazzi, because those we pass by will be snapping photos and videos of your wedding party on #TheTrolleyBike and posting this unique sight for all to see on social media.

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