What To Expect - What To Do This Weekend in Springfield
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What To Expect


Organize Your Group And Book Your Tour

Advanced purchase is required. Tickets can be purchased online HERE or by phone (417) 200-4415 with a Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover. We advise booking well in advance as we tend to sell out, so if you’re planning what to do this weekend in Springfield MO, don’t wait until the last minute to book your tour or you might be out of luck.

Also, remind your group to bring plenty of cash for your tour. We’re all so used to paying for everything with our credit cards these days, but the clock is ticking and when you make stops during your tour, you won’t want to slow things down by running 14 different credit cards. And you’ll want to have some cash at the end of your tour to tip your Conductor if you’ve had a blast.


Avoid Thirst – It’s B.Y.O.B.

No glass or kegs are allowed, but feel free to bring beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverages as long as it is NOT IN GLASS (this is extremely important)! City regulations do not allow glass on the bike at any time, so if you bring it, be prepared to leave it behind.

You have two choices when it comes to packing your cooler. You can supply your own drinks and bring your own cooler with you or you can get drinks from University Plaza and they’ll even let you borrow one of their coolers.

Feel free to also bring water or any other non-alcoholic beverages or snacks you may want! Storage space is limited, but we are happy to store whatever you have (within reason – this isn’t a storage unit) in our overhead storage compartments.


In The Heart Of Downtown

University Plaza Hotel is the Home of The Trolley Bike. All of our tours start and end in front of University Plaza which is located at 333 S John Q Hammons Parkway in Downtown Springfield.

We recommend making a night of it and “take the elevator home” after your tour by booking a room at University Plaza. They offer special room rates for Trolley Bike groups. When you book your Trolley Bike tour, our booking email contains a special coupon code for University Plaza when booking your room online.


You Snooze – You Lose

Plan to arrive around 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time. There are IDs to check, we have to verify that everyone in your group has signed their digital waivers and rules that we’ll need to go over before your tour can begin. If you plan on ordering drinks from University Plaza then we recommend showing up at least 30 minutes before your tour starts to give yourself enough time.

Don’t forget to bring your ID. It’ll really hinder your experience because you’ll just have to jog sadly behind the bike, watching everyone else have the time of their lives. You’ll probably be crying. Just bring your ID. Everyone must have a valid ID to get on The Trolley Bike.

If you get a late start, your tour will not be extended. So make sure you tell that one friend who’s always late that your tour starts 30 minutes earlier than it actually does.


Be Prepared For Weather And Pedaling

We can fit up to 14 guests on the bike. It’s a much easier ride with at least 8 guests in your party to provide enough pedal power. With 10 or more, it’s a breeze. There are 12 bike seats (2 of which don’t have pedals – we call those “coasters”) and the padded back bench seats 2 additional “coasters”.

As for the pedaling, you’ll want to wear appropriate footwear. We’d advise against high heels or flip flops. We also wouldn’t recommend wearing short skirts or dresses. It can get a little windy on the bike and we’ll get enough attention without any Marilyn Monroe skirts flying around.

The Trolley Bike runs rain or shine (read our Weather Policy) so plan your outfit accordingly. We do have a roof, but you won’t stay dry if it’s raining. If you’re thinking about bringing a coat or a jacket, it’s probably better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.


Sing, Dance, and Laugh (with Caution)

Our experienced chauffeur-licensed Conductor will steer your bike and ensure your tour is a great experience. Your Conductor can answer any questions you have about the sights and sounds Downtown. If they don’t know an answer, don’t worry. They’ll make one up.

Your Conductor is also in charge of making sure your group stays safe, has fun (but not too much fun), are courteous to others and follows the rules during your tour. If anyone starts to get out of line, we will enlist the help of the Booking Rider to get them to behave. After all, we’re keeping all of the Booking Rider’s money if we have to cancel your tour because our polices aren’t being followed. Read The Rules for more information.

And no, you can’t drive. Our insurance company said so.

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